Artist's Profile:

Detail Upon Detail

Ideas and Artistic Development

This 'healthy obsession' with detail has always existed, but didn't show up in my work until the discovery of an illustration for 'The Emperor's New Clothes' by the Irish stained glass artist (and exceptional black and white illustrator), Harry Clarke. Before this - and in particular during A-levels at the King's School in Grantham - the emphasis was more on decoration than detail. Once discovered, however, I was also able to combine all these ideas in all the work that I do - including landscapes - with some other ideas that I had formed at university in Lincoln. There the magnificent Cathedral was a (literally) huge source of inspiration, and I remember being looked at with slightly baffled eyes as I happily scrutinised a tiny part of the surface stone of the Chapter House, whilst everyone else stood back and admired the towers. The towers were good as well, of course, but getting close up and looking at the details in the stone, whilst still trying to think of the magnificence of the whole massive construction, gave me a different perspective on (and perhaps a deeper appreciation of) what I was looking at. Now that I live in Pembrokeshire I take my inspiration from the miles of picturesque coastline, but the principal is the same: it's still essentially a celebration, and the emphasis is still on the detail.

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